Terms and Conditions:

  1. Seller and operator of the online store FunExplosive.cz

FunExplosive, Hoštálkova 498/2, Praha 6, 169 00, Břevnov IČO: 11247088, DIČ: CZ5806150350. Business conditions are valid from March 1, 2016 until the new business conditions are issued. Person responsible for the operation of the FunExplosive online store – Martin Vohryzek.

2.) Order

The purchase contract, on the basis of which the sale of goods between the seller and the buyer is carried out, arises on the basis of a binding order confirmation. An e-mail confirmation is considered a binding order confirmation. Confirmation by email follows the receipt of the electronic order from the buyer. Confirmation of receipt of the order into the system (copy of the order) is not a confirmation.

After confirmation of the order by the seller, the order becomes binding for both parties, unless the parties violate the conditions agreed at the time of confirmation of the order. The exact conditions of the goods stated in the order, the number of ordered pieces, the price for the goods are considered to be essential conditions.

3.) Cancellation of the executed order

Order cancellation by the seller:

No reason given – the goods have been sold out, the goods are no longer produced or the price of the seller has changed significantly. In these cases, the goods will not be delivered.

Withdrawal from the contract by the buyer – return of goods:

In accordance with the wording of Act No. 367/2000, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract (in the case of mail order business) within 14 days of receipt of the goods. The 14-day period begins on the day of receipt. The right to return the goods within 14 days is conditioned by the purchase of the goods as a natural person (not on an ID number). If you decide to exercise the above right of withdrawal from the purchase agreement, we ask you to comply with the conditions and procedures below. Contact us in writing (by email objednavky@funexplosive.cz) that you are requesting to withdraw from the purchase agreement. Enter the order number, date of purchase, variable symbol.

If the goods have already been delivered to you and you have taken them over, contact us as above and in agreement with the merchant pack the goods and send them back to our address with all the documents you received with the purchase of goods or bring the goods to the Return Address: FunExplosive , Hoštálkova 2, 169 00 Břevnov.

Send the goods by registered mail and insured (we recommend insuring the value of the returned goods), as we are not liable for any loss on the way to us. Sending by registered mail does not mean on COD. Goods sent cash on delivery will not be accepted by our staff.

The cost of returning the goods is on the buyer’s side.

If you meet all the above conditions for the return of goods, we will send you money for the goods by bank transfer to your account or by postal order. In the case of sending to the bank account, the amount for the goods will be sent no later than 14 days after the physical receipt of the goods at the seller’s registered office. In the case of non-delivery of complete goods or otherwise contrary to the above conditions, the deadline for sending money is postponed until the delivery of full-value goods.

The buyer undertakes to pay the seller a cancellation fee corresponding to the degree of wear of the ordered goods in case of shipment of goods to the buyer, when the buyer takes over the goods and withdraws from the purchase contract due to the right to withdraw from the contract in connection with the consumer contract. § 52 of the Civil Code concluded when using means of distance communication, if it is a consumer contract and the conditions for withdrawal from the contract are met and the goods cannot be sold as new.

If any of the above conditions are not met, we will not accept withdrawal from the consumer contract and the goods will be returned at the expense of the sender or will be stored at our headquarters for a handling fee of 1% of the selling price of the goods per day of storage.

4.) Invoice – tax document for purchases in the online store FunExplosive.cz

We send the invoice for the purchase of goods in the FunExplosive.cz online store in a consignment together with a delivery note.

5.) Warranty documents

If the manufacturer has not delivered a warranty document for the goods, the issued FunExplosive invoice serves as a tax document and at the same time as the main warranty card.

6.) Protection of personal data

We respect your privacy. In order to offer you valuable services, we need to know some of your personal data. We protect this data against misuse and it will never be provided to any third party. All handling of personal data on Suvenyry.com is governed by Act no. 101/2000 Sb. About personal data protection. The operator of the FunExplosive.cz online store, Rosette Design, sro, is the sole owner of the information obtained on this server. This information is not and will not be sold, rented or otherwise shared with other entities other than as set forth in this agreement. The only exception is the implementation of the transport of goods, when it is necessary to provide basic personal data for the delivery of ordered goods. The personal data you fill in when ordering is used exclusively to successfully process your request and deliver the goods. The customer has the right at any time to request the cancellation and deletion of his personal data from our database. By using the services of the FunExplosive.cz online store, the customer agrees to the collection of data needed for shopping.

7.) Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

The Seller informs the Buyer that according to Act No. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended, he has the right to out-of-court settlement of a consumer dispute under a contract concluded with the Seller, provided that the subject of out-of-court settlement of relevant consumer disputes is the Czech Republic. Trade Inspection (www.coi.cz ), or other entities that will be authorized to do so by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (www.mpo.cz ).


8.) Final provisions

These business conditions are valid for all purchase contracts concluded between the supplier and the operator of the FunExplosive.cz online store and the customer. The supplier reserves the right to change the business conditions. The change of conditions will be announced in a suitable way on the website at least 1 month before the new conditions take effect.